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Why solve your problems is created?

Why solve your problems? the simplest answer is you, who is doing challenging work for 8 hours in the office and still not getting what you deserve. This platform is for those who want to work independently and want to utilize their skills at maximum level. From years large companies can capture market because they have enough resources to attract customers, but job employees have no way to create their own market of customers. They do not have resources, and do not have time to learn new skills to start a business. For such peoples I have created this platform where they can get their own customers, customers who are facing some problems and an employee working in office can solve it.

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Do what you love where you love

Solve problems of peoples, work on what you want where you want.

Learn what you want to learn, not what your boss wants you to learn

Learn skill of your choice, we will provide customers to solve their problems.

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Become your own boss

Become your own boss and work on problems of your choice any time any where

Start earning more without leaving your job

Leaving your existing job is a risk and we do not want to put you on risk, start earning without leaving your job. 

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How solve your problems will work?

We are inviting users to submit their problems (not very personal), and the professionals who will pick these problems and solve it for users. Users will be paying to solver in return.

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Register as Professional (note: verification will be done)

Register as working professional with us if you are in any of these profession
  • Doctors
  • Psychiatrist
  • Finance advisor
  • Family Advisor
  • Manager in leading company
  • Lawyer or Judge
  • Teacher or Academy
  • Gym trainer or Nutritionist
  • Software Engineer, Architect, Project Manager

Register as User

Register as user with us, if you have any problem listed below that you would like to resolve
  • Health, obesity, bp etc.
  • Mental, anger, sexual etc.
  • Financial, savings etc.
  • Family, wife, kids
  • Business, profit, growth etc.
  • Legal, business advice, property advice etc.
  • Technical, IT, digital marketing etc.
  • Education, carrier

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relaxing on sofa vector image

Submit your problem to get solution

Submit your problem to get solution from experts. Your problem will be appeared to the solver, and he/she can send you offers to provide you solutions. (Note: Your confidential information will not be visible to anyone, profile privacy is under your control)

Pick the problem as per your skills

Pick the problem according to your skills and send offers to users. (Note: User has freedom to reject or accept your solution)

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We will help you find easy solution of your problems or earn more income

Human life is full of problems. We face some problems in our life. Sometimes we find a solution to these problems, but it is not within our control to solve some problems. Finding a person who can solve those problems is a problem in itself. Maybe the solution to that problem is around you, but we are not aware of it.
Below are some problems that we have to face at some time or the other.

  • Health-related problems, such as obesity
  • Mental problems, such as depression
  • Finance problems, such as saving money and future security
  • Family problems, such as spouses' arguments or explaining to children
  • Business problems, such as increasing income or marketing
  • Legal problems, such as ground disputes or knowledge of your rights
  • Education problems, such as getting the right education from the right university
We know it is difficult to share some information but we promise to keep your information confidential. Only the solver will be able to see your profile, the limited information that you will set in your profile. You can update your profile with this link. If you do not want to make your profile public, you can directly message any solver from our portal and share your problem.
Similarly, the profile of any solver will also be kept confidential as the solver can also be a normal citizen.

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Find Solution of problem

Finding the solution to problems will become easy. We will provide you service to submit your problem so you can get a solution from around the world.

Find How

finding customer

Find customers to earn more income.

If you are not satisfied with your income/salary we will provide you an opportunity to solve the problems of others and grow your income.

Find How

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Find new client for your business

Finding new clients is always a challenge for a new startup. If you are looking for new clients to provide your services, we will provide you those clients and problems

Find How


Where we do and what type of problems & solution we will provide?

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Health Problems

Around the world, everyone is suffering from some health problems but those problems being ignored most of the time. Submit health problems and get a solution to the problem in its initial state.

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Mental Health Problems

Mental health is a quite frequent problem. According to WHO 264 million peoples are affected by depression only. Similar statistics are for other disorders as well. Get a solution for mental health before the situation gets worst.

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Education Problems

Education problems are a big problem for most countries. Most kids are getting the minimum education and some students are not able to select the right education stream to make their carrier. If you are having any confusion or problem related to education submit your problem with us and get it sorted by experts.

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Finance Problem

Saving the income is always more difficult to earn income. All because of lack of information most of the population are not able to stabilize their financial situation. Submit your financial problems, get advice from experts to be financially secured.

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Family Problems

Family is the most important part of our life. We always feel more comfortable and relaxed with our family, but for some peoples, family is part of disappointment and pain. It is not because the problem is with someone but about mutual understanding. Submit your problems with us and get the right advice to be happy with your family.

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grow your business
Business Problems

Doing business without the right knowledge is like jumping into the river without swimming. Therefore, most of the businesses are shut down before completing 5 years. Submit your business-related problems and get them fixed by business consultants

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Technical Problems

Since technology is growing everyone is moving their business online and facing difficulties. If you are planning to move your business online and need a consultant submit your problem and let IT consultants help you.

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Legal Problems

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What are the benefits

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What can we do for customers looking for solutions?

Since technologies are continuously growing, everyone can help and take help from around the world and can connect cities or countries as well. Getting the best solution to the problem is sometimes difficult and we do not have enough time to find the right solution provider for our problem. Register with us and get the right person/company to solve your problem. Here are some benefits you can take from our portal to solve your problems.

  • Find solutions to your problems around the world.
  • Find the best person to solve your problem based on user ratings.
  • Connect solver through multiple mediums.
  • Message your solver regarding your problem securely.
  • Manage appointments with your solver with a preferred source to connect (Phone Call, Skype call, and many more).
  • Rate the solution and solver so others can find the best solvers.
  • Get a chance to solve your problem without any COST
  • Post any question for your problem and get answers from experts
  • Control your privacy from being displayed to customers

Register Now with us and start finding solution for your problem from around the world

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What can we do for solvers (Individual/Company)?

Finding new customers is always a challenge either for a new startup or a well-established company. This is terribly difficult for the new startup those who cannot afford marketing. We are here to give solutions to this challenge. We are providing you a platform to find new customers and can do your company's marketing at no extra cost. 
Here are some services we are providing you as an individual or as a company

  • Find problems based on your skill or service type (Health, Mental, Technologies, Financial, Family).
  • Offer your charges for your solution to the customers.
  • Accept or reject the solution request of the users.
  • Conversation with users via messages.
  • Create appointments with your customers with preferred sources to connect (Skype, Online meetings, Office visits).
  • No extra charges except monthly charges. 
  • Get rated by your customers for your solution.
  • Provide the free solutions in the comment of the problem to attract customers.
  • Control your privacy from being displayed to customers