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How Howard Wein Grow His Restaurant

Today I will tell you one story which will inspire you to think of innovative ideas to grow your business. Your business might be different from this in the story, but you still can use the same principle and grow your business. 

About Howard Wein

Howard Wein moved to Philadelphia in March 2004. He already helps many companies to earn a profit, but now he decided to do his own business in a restaurant. His target was to provide the best steakhouse experience to peoples. 

About Restaurant 

The restaurant is in the toniest part of downtown Philadelphia. Its dimly lit entry is paved with marble, instead of traditional dining chairs, patrons rest on plush sofas clustered around small marble tables. They feast from the extensive raw bar, including East and West coast oyster and Russian caviar. And the menu offers delicacies like truffle-whipped potatoes and line-caught halibut FedExed overnight directly from Alaska.

Problem Begins

After providing all these excellent experiences Wein knows this wouldn't be enough. He knows 25% of restaurants failed within 1 year of opening and 60% failed within 3 years. There are many reasons for failing restaurants. Tough competition, Food expenses are high. Like most small businesses Wein also does not have enough funds to spend on marketing and advertisement.
Wein needs something to trigger people's minds to talk about his restaurant, the question is how? how he can make peoples talking about his restaurant. After thinking a lot about this, he produces an idea how about 100-dollar cheesesteak. The standard cheesesteak was available for 4-5 dollars.

The idea that really worked

Wein thought he could get some buzz by raising the humble cheesesteak to new culinary height and attaching a news-worthy price tag. So he started with a fresh, house-made brioche roll brushed with homemade mustard.  He added thinly sliced Kobe beef, marbleized to perfection. Then he included caramelized onions, shaved heirlooms tomatoes, and triple cream Taleggio cheese. All this was topped off with shaved hand-harvested black truffles and butter-poached Main lobster tail. And just to make it even more outrageous, he served it with a chilled split of Veuve Clicquot champagne.

Success comes in hands

The response was ultimate, peoples not only eat from his restaurant, but they start talking about it. Some like the taste, some likes the preparation of the ingredients, and people were thinking like they are eating gold because of the price of the sandwich.
It worked, the story of a hundred dollars cheesesteak worked, and peoples start talking about it. Newspapers start printing about the restaurant, Discovery channel filmed a segment for its show Best Food Ever. The restaurant becomes incredibly famous by word of mouth and wins various food awards. 

What works for Wein?

Wein has triggered people's minds by increasing the cost of cheesesteak. This was new for everyone. Peoples always look for something new and better they never experienced. 
This idea can work for you as well to grow your business, of course, it doesn't mean you increase the price of your products it means to give something new and better than peoples never experienced before. 

Thank you for reading. I will continue to bring such stories and concepts to grow your business. If you are looking for a solution to your problem or have skills to solve the problem of anyone register with us and start solving the problems.

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