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Success Story of Blendtec

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This is the story of 
BendTec's success. How Tom Dickson and his marketing manager produce a unique idea and take their business to next level and become viral on YouTube.

About Tom Dickson

Tom Dickson was looking for a new job. He born in San Fransisco. He completed his graduation with a degree in Engineering in 1971 from Brigham Young University, Sal Lake city. After completing graduation, he starts looking for a job in Engineering, but the time was tough during 1971 and there was not much opportunity.

The job Tom hates

After searching much, he found a job at a company that makes birth control and intrauterine devices. These devices help to prevent pregnancy. Tom's belief was they are abortive, and he was not in the favor of abortion. He was not happy with the job and finally decided to quit and find something new.

Finding Own Destination

Tom's interest was in bread making, it was his hobby. While practicing his hobby, he noticed that there was no good cheap home grinder with which to make flour. He decided to make a powerful grinder. After playing with a Vaccuum motor, he cobbled together something that milled finer flour at a cheaper price than anything in the market.
The grinder was so good that Tom decided to create a grinder on a larger scale. The business was good and by taking interest Tom created diverse types of Blenders. Soon he moved to Utah to start his own company. In 1995 he produced his first home blender and in 1999 BendTec was founded. 

Marketing is a Problem

There is no doubt the blender was so powerful, and the product was awesome, but the marketing was a problem for Tom. Even the Blender was so good no one knows about the product. Awareness was low for the product. So Tom has hired a marketing expert George Wright in 2006. Since Tom's company was not so big marketing budget was also a problem for him. George makes jokes with Tom that his previous company's marketing budget was more than BendTec's revenue.

One Idea Was Enough

On the first day of the job, George noticed a pile of sawdust on the floor of the manufacturing plant. George was puzzled if there is no construction is going on what this all was? Finally, he found Tom was working in the factory as he was doing every day, he was trying to break the blender to test the durability of the blender. Tom would cram two-by-two boards, among other objects into the blenders and turn it on.
George immediately had an idea to make Tom's blender famous with a maximum of fifty dollars. George went to the market and bought marbles, golf balls, and a rake. He also purchased a white coat for Tom as scientists wear. George asked to blend those marbles and he starts shooting with the camera.
The marbles were not cheap, they were of strong glass. Tom did exactly what George said and put 50 marbles into the blender and started the blender. The Blender and marbles were creating annoying noise. Tom waited for 50 seconds and opened the top and white smoke poured came out, that was glass dust. All that left was a fine powder of the marble which looked like flour. After the marbles, it was the turn of golf balls and rake. After completing the video George posted the video on YouTube. 

Awesome Results with no Budget

George's intuition was right, peoples were amazed. They loved the video; they were surprised with the power of the blender. Peoples started great comments like "the ultimate blender", "Can it blend phone", "can it blend hard disk", "can it blend samurai sword" etc. In the first week, the video had six million views all this happens with a budget of $50.
Tom and George did not stop here, they created videos with everything that can be blended and created a whole series named "will it blend".  This unique idea boosts Tom's business and gives him enormous success. BendTec is one of the most famous Blender companies in the USA.

The moral of this story was everyone can get remarkable success if you know how to trigger people's minds, so they start talking about you and your brand. I will keep updating you with such inspiring stories so that you also can get success in your business which is the only motive of Solve Your Problems to help you solve problems in business and life

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